Surfing in Ontario with Robbie Andison

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Robbie Andison is a Nomadix ambassador from Oakville, Ontario and loves to surf. We asked him a couple of questions to know more about the scene of the sport there.

What are your surf spots in Ontario? 

Believe it or not, you can surf all over Ontario. Lake Ontario is where I started lake surfing but I have now surfed on all the great lakes. I’m now currently living in Sault Saint Marie so my main lake that I surf on is Lake Superior.

How have you heard about these spots? 

Most spots you must discover on your own. What you need to look for is an on-shore or cross-shore wind over 30km/h for several hours to create swell. From there it is best to find a small inlet that can somewhat protect you from the wind so the waves shape up nicer. Waves have a snowball effect. The farther distance they travel, the larger and more powerful the waves will become.

How long have you been going there?

I discovered lake surfing 3 years ago but this is my first year spending time on Lake Superior so I still have a lot of discovering to do. I absolutely love looking on Google Earth and finding new surf spots then trying them out.

What is the best season to go there?  

The surf season is best from September until the start of summer. Pretty much whenever the weather is stormy, and most people wouldn’t want to leave their house. Yes.. we surf all winter long. With the right gear, you can stay in the water for several hours even in freezing temperatures.

How did you learn to surf?

I was on the Canadian National Team for skiing so I learned how to surf during that period of my life. Whenever I was travelling and there was an ocean nearby, I would try to get a couple of days of surfing in.

What are the tricks that you practice?

I am constantly looking to improve and be an overall better surfer.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Stick with it and be persistent. The first 20 times you go out can be very frustrating and you may feel like you aren’t making much progress. Once it clicks and you get comfortable popping up and going down the line, you will improve so fast.

Where are your dream surf spots in the world?

I would love to surf in Indonesia. I’m definitely going to try to get there over the next couple of years.


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