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Who are you briefly?

I'm Cécile Gariepy, illustrator, raised in Montreal, I love banana popsicles and my dog ​​Marjo.

What is your background and your educational path?

I worked in film and worked as a director in advertising and television for a few years. Not being really fulfilled by my work, I went to do a master's degree in cinema in Paris. Between my classes and my dissertation, I started to draw Parisian anecdotes and put them on social networks. Before I could really figure it out, my clients started contacting me to illustrate rather than direct. So we can say that I am an illustrator by chance, and that makes me very happy!

Have you always been talented?

Talent is a rather mysterious concept. Let's say I've always loved drawing my friends' birthday cards.

What inspired you to pursue art?

My path to art was quite intuitive. Drawing has always been a means of expressing feelings or making jokes. When I was a kid and went to restaurants with my family, my favorite moment was drawing on the paper doilies with crayons. I never thought it could turn into a profession!

   ←  Illustration for Apple (new year 2020 campaign)

Have you ever had a mentor or role model?

Both of my parents have careers in advertising and are artists in their own way. Their way of thinking, expressing themselves and communicating their ideas certainly influenced me.

What does art mean to you?

A language to interact with people.

If it wasn't art, what would have been plan B?

I would have prepared food, most likely cakes.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

I consider that having transformed a passion into my job is a great achievement! But otherwise here are some projects that I realized and which I am very proud. 

               Mural for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal (2020) 




What are your favorite artistic projects in general?

I like projects that involve teams. As an illustrator, I work a lot alone, and you can find yourself isolated very quickly. I prefer to collaborate with other people, whether they are in the creative field or not. I believe ideas are always pushed further when they are discussed and debated.



 Mural at the Town of Mount Royal Curling Club (2019)



Why did you agree to collaborate with Nomadix?

I really like the idea of ​​having a single towel that can be used for all kinds of activities. I find myself in the values ​​of the company: to own fewer objects, but that each object has an added value.


 Montreal Airport (2020) 



What are your tips for finding inspiration?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my interactions with the people around me. I note the positions of people in the metro, how they express themselves, what they carry. For me, observing humans is an infinite source of inspiration, for better and for worse…

What does the design on the Nomadix towel represent?

I see someone trying to hide from the sun with a leaf.

How did you develop it?

I tried to think about what summer and heat represent, and to interpret it through a character. I imagine that the guy is looking at the sea and that there is a little breeze blowing in his hair!

What are your hobbies other than art?

I wish I had a really weird and interesting hobby to name, but the truth is quite different: I cook, I read, I hike and do yoga, and when I'm done, I go to bed.

Do you have any new future projects?

I am very excited to have started working on my first animated film. It's a very long process, so we'll talk about it in a few years!


How was the pandemic on your side?

A move to Australia, the other side of the planet in the middle of a pandemic.  It was not easy but everyone is fine now :)


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