Own less. Do more.

The story of Nomadix

It all started with a road trip.

When three friends, Zack Helminiak, Chace Petersen and Hunter Robinson traveled cross country in a packed to the brim ‘98 Subaru Outback, it got them thinking: if they had less gear, they’d have more room for adventure. What began as a goal to create high-quality, versatile products, quickly turned into a way of life with one simple but radical idea : to own less and do more.

Simplifying Adventure.

Nomadix is dedicated to making gear to inspire your next adventure that will last for every adventure after. Made with the highest quality materials, it’s meticulously designed to replace your separate towels for camping, yoga, beach and travel. Light, packable, versatile, sustainable: some of the many reasons it’s the only towel you need.

Absorbing Waste

We use post-consumer recycled materials to make revolutionary new products.

Part of living with less means using what you already have. You never waste a thing. With so much plastic waste floating in our oceans and trashing our communities, we’ve committed to using post-consumer recycled materials for everything we make. And since our fibers are designed to dry quickly and resist bacteria that cause towel funk, you can wash less and save precious water.

Through years of research and development into turning recycled plastics into durable and versatile fibers, developing responsible manufacturing practices, avoiding harmful dyes that waste and pollute our water, we protect the world we love.

Our Moral Fiber

As a Social Purpose Corporation, our mission is to introduce the world to better for the planet towels without sacrificing our commitment to the environment Our mission is woven into every choice we make, big and small, like offsetting our carbon footprint, maintaining healthy manufacturing practices and even giving our employees unlimited vacation days to live their best lives. We believe the change starts with us.

Partnering for the Planet

Nomadix understands the importance of building a patchwork community because sustainability only happens when we work together. Protecting the places that inspire us, whether it’s keeping our trails clear, our beaches clean or our mountains capped with fresh powder is part of our calling. As a proud 1% for the Planet member, we are committed to donating 1% of our fiscal sales - not just profits- to environmental causes.

But that's not enough.

We think there’s plenty of hope, though our planet’s hanging by a thread. Change can happen fast, but only if we keep getting better. We’re the first to admit, we’re not perfect. So we keep innovating, creating new products that make less of an impact on our planet, and do more for you. Stay tuned for our next adventures.

In the meantime, here’s what else you can do...

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