This is what we do.

We live for adventure, for the experience. To make the journey possible,
we need a few things to help us along the way. Nomadix aims to fulfill these
simple needs and minimize the amount of gear needed to enjoy the experience.
Our products are designed with 3 principles in mind.
We believe in owning the process. We're a small team that handles every aspect
of the process from design, testing to manufacturing. Combined with feedback
from other adventurers in the field, we craft some of the best stuff you can find.
If it doesn't perform, we don't sell it, simple as that. 
We are pushing for higher industry standards, when it comes to environmental
impact. The best way to combat wasteful manufacturing processes and the use
of harmful materials, is by supporting businesses that take the initiative to ensure
you are getting a sustainable product.
We are creating products for practical use through purposeful design. So you need
less stuff to do more of the things you love. Versatility is key in our effort to live a
more sustainable lifestyle. We're of the mind set, quality over quantity.